Saturday, December 22, 2007

Our Christmas wish to all of you!

Merry Christmas to all our loved ones. Christmas always brings such warm and wonderful memories of years past. So many good times to remember. Christmas tree cutting fiascos and fun, christmas shows to watch together, secrets and shopping, traditional meals,"our own bottle of pop!" sleepless nights, sneeky children, decorating.....cookies and candy and most of all beloved family there to enjoy it all with you.

Now those times are long past, but close to our hearts. We're so glad to have a few of you here to share this Christmas time with us and will be thinking of those of you who aren't. My dream is that sometime we'll all be close enough to enjoy many good times together. For now, we'll just have to plan and work at it.

We'll be home Christmas Eve, but go to Bend to see Grma and Grpa on christmas day, and return on wednesday. We don't have any special plans but hope to have a good time. Of course, the food has to be just right!, so we've been working on that. The house is cozy with the tree and lights and a fire feels so good when it gets this cold and adds to the coziness. We have about 4 inches of snow to make it really feel like Christmas and maybe more on the way.

Hope all of you are ready to stop the stressing and enjoy the spirit of this beautiful season when we celebrate the birth of the Savior. The older you get the more important you feel it is to have your thoughts turn to the Savior and his birth and sacrifice for us.

We'll be thinking of you,
love, MOM


Shana and Kevin said...

Wishing we were there. Love you all!

Jamie and Mike said...

Merry Christmas to all of you!